Least Green Friday

  • Least Green Thing This Week: Plastic Toilet Seat Covers

    toilet seat

    Toilet Seat Cover Bryant Park

    So this picture is of a toilet seat at the Bryant Park bathroom.

    The Bryant park bathroom is awesome because it is probably the nicest public restroom in New York City. It’s heated (which is amazing for a park), has toilet paper, piped in music, candles, and an attendant.

    Yes, an attendant.

    The toilet also features probably the dumbest, least sustainable thing known to man – automatic plastic toilet seat covers. You plop down on the bowl and when you stand up, the little engine churns to get rid of the plastic liner that you sat on and puts down a new one.

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  • Concentration, Alliteration, It’s Still Not Green

    Photo Credit Latente

    Photo Credit: Latente

    One of the things that I mention in Green Washed is that our emphasis on individual actions ignores the larger environmental picture and gets us to focus our attention on the wrong things.

    Case in point.

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