MUJI A6 Notebook – The Perfect Notebook For Daily Notes

When I travel to Berlin, and I don’t do it that often as it sounds, I love to stop by one of my favorite shops there: the Muji store.

I have a passion for office products, mainly pens, pencils, and notebooks.

I remember when I was a kid that happiness that I felt inside when I went into an office department shop. I could see everything organized, all the colors, all the notebooks, everything looked perfect to me.

In a way, I am attracted to that perfection, the order, the exact part of life. And maybe, that is one of the reasons why I love this brand. Muji.

To be honest, it looks good. It’s simple, minimal. It very “instagramable” if you wish.

Whenever I have this little notebook on my desk, it urges me to be productive, insightful, to write, to think, to jot things that inspire me down and to have them stored in a “secret” place for when the time comes.

First thing in the morning, right after I make myself a cup of freshly roasted coffee, with milk, I like to sit at my harshly used desk, open my notebook, read notes, jot down things that I have on my mind and I allow myself to think.

I also like the details. It looks like an old classroom notebook or something that my parents used to have when they were young.

It’s fresh but classical in a way.

For me, the lined one works best. It’s just the perfect size, not too big or too small and I feel like it’s made for taking notes from the classes, courses, books that enjoy learning from.

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